Logging in#


Fieldmark supports the following authentication systems:

  1. Google accounts

  2. AppleID [COMING SOON]

  3. Data Central (recommended for developers, go to Data Central to login)

  4. Institutional accounts (SSO) [COMING SOON for enterprise users]

Sign in#

To login to Fieldmark, choose your authentication provider from the sign in screen: sign in screen

Logging in with Multiple Accounts#

You can login to Fieldmark with multiple accounts and switch between users. This can be useful when in the field sharing devices between different members of a team, with different credentials.


Don’t Forget

Your login details will be recorded against all new records and any changes made to records while you are logged in. Always check you are correctly signed in. (See Logging Out)


If you cannot see your Notebook on the Workspace:

  • talk to your Notebook Administrator and check which account was authorised

  • check you have logged in with the account that has been authorised

  • check back again a few minutes if the Administrator has only just authorised your account

  • sign out and sign in again