User Management#

How to get allocate and manage users with Fieldmark


This feature is presently in development.

Conductor user management via datacentral profile#

  1. Find the notebook key for the notebook you wish to add users for. (It is after the %7C%7C in the URL). Copy it.

  2. As a notebook administrator, log into your conductor server (after having logged into Fieldmark)

  3. Go to the Assigned Roles box

  4. Click Invite users to roles

  5. Input their datacentral email into email, the notebook key into notebook key, and admin in to role. You will seldom want to put team, as this limits the records they can read to only their own.

  6. Tell the user to, after logging into Fieldmark, visit the conductor server. Then they need to click Check my invites and accept their invites.